How to Pick a Mother of the Bride Dress Color

An ideal color for a mother of the bride dress is one that complements the bridal gown. Your daughter has announced her wedding day and the majority of preparations were already handled. Picking a mother of the bride dress is one element that leaves you a bit confused. The easiest solution is to consult with others directly involved in the wedding, in order to find the perfect dress to enhance your daughter's special day.

How to Address Your Mother In Law

Mom? Mrs. T? Nothing at all? If you've recently married, you need to decide how to address your spouse's mother. You don't want to seem too formal or too friendly, and you certainly don't want to be disrespectful. But how do you decide what she wants to be called?

How to Become My Mother's Power of Attorney

Being your mother's power of attorney allows you to legally act for her in various financial matters, like bank account and real estate transactions. You must have a signed power of attorney document from your mother or a court order to act as such. The extent of your authority is specified in the power of attorney itself, and your mother has the right to revoke the power at any time if she is capable of doing so.

How to Deal With a Possessive Mother

A possessive mother can make life difficult for her children and her children's friends and spouses. Also called "overbearing" or " controlling," possessive mothers are still learning how to let go and trust their children's decision-making abilities. They are also learning how to accept their children's choices, which is difficult if those choices are different than the ones the mothers would make. Dealing with a possessive mother requires understanding where your mother or mother-in-law is coming from and learning how to be loving, yet firm in your own decisions.

How to Prepare to be a Mother

How to Prepare to be a Mother. You're expecting a baby and you're thrilled. You're becoming a mother. Motherhood really is the oldest profession and the highest calling you could aspire to. But there's more to preparing for motherhood than stocking the nursery and checking nine months off the calendar. Here are six forward-thinking ways to get ready.

How to Care for a Weaning Mother Dog

You've been taking special care of your mother dog's body for the past few months. First, as she went through a two-month gestation period, followed by weeks of nursing her puppies. During that period, she might have eaten four times as much food per day as she did before pregnancy. As the weaning process begins, you must monitor her overall health and cut back on her food intake.

How to Cut Shells to Make Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Mother of pearl may seem like an expensive jewelry component, but with your own collection of cleaned shells and a few tools, you can make mother of pearl jewelry for a fraction of the cost. Mother of pearl is an iridescent material that builds up on the inside of mollusk and oyster shells. Once these shells have been cleaned with a combination of muriatic acid and bleach, you will have smooth shells made mostly of mother of pearl. Cut the mother of pearl into shapes, drill a hole in each shape, and attach them to chains to make mother of pearl jewelry.

How to Protect Mother Earth

Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility. There are a number of steps individuals can take to protect Mother Earth and ensure the life she sustains has access to the healthiest planet possible. Whether it's making different consumer choices, giving money to environmental organizations, choosing green energy sources or sharing our love for the environment, every person can contribute. Even a few small steps, when undertaken by a large group of people, can make a difference.

How to Deal With a Jealous Mother-in-Law

Tension between mothers-in-law and their daughters-in-law is unfortunately common. Jealousy is a likely possibility, as a result of uncertainty about what to expect, and what the motives and intentions of the other person are. Tensions can peak if a mother feels her son's wife is trying to interfere in her mother-son relationship. Dealing with this type of conflict will not be easy, but can get better with time.

How to Play Mother, May I?

Mother, May I is an action game for kids. Although it's traditionally an outdoor game, you can also play it indoors at parties if you have a small group or a lot of space. Players must politely ask if they can move forward to reach the leader, or "Mother." The child who is "Mother" either has to direct moves to prevent players getting too close or has to hope that players forget to be polite.

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